Business Concept


Ezzential Global Services offerings have been designed to achieve our set goals in a market expected to be very competitive. In this regards, we do not just offer superb quality products and services but also reach out to our esteemed customers by providing support and services that add value

As our tradition, our customers are well respected, as their perceptions are highly welcome. We have schedule a process of continuous improvement by reaching out to our valued customers from time to time in order to communicate their satisfaction and dissatisfaction on our products and services as rendered by our staff

Our services include but not limited to:

Transmission Equipment Installation Services

  • Base Station Equipment Installation Testing and Commissioning
  • Data Centre Equipment Installation/maintenance and Repair
  • Solar System Installation and Hybrid Installation
  • Core Networks Equipment Installation
  • Transmission and Optical & Wireless Access Equipment.

Construction Services

  • Turnkey BTS Civil Construction
  • Rural Telephony
  • Supply of Telecoms Tower (Lattice, Tubular, Monopole etc.)
  • Electrical/Power System Installation
  • Shelter and Equipment Room Installation
  • Antenna & Cable Installation and Testing

Maintenance Services

  • Preventive and Routine Maintenance of BTS Sites
  • Passive Infrastructure Maintenance/Repairs
  • Tower Maintenance
  • Fibre Maintenance

Fibre Optics Implementation Services

  • Survey, Design and Planning
  • Fibre Optics Installation, Testing and Commissioning
  • OTDR Tests for Fibre Optic Transmission Lines
  • Fibre Network Maintenance/Quality Supervision

Project Management

  • Site Acquisition
  • Design Engineering
  • Construction Management
  • Permit & Utilities Coordination

Audit and Inspections

  • Civil and Tower Inspections
  • RF Component Inspections
  • New Site Audits

Supply of Telecommunication materials

  • Fibre Cables and Accessories
  • Rectifiers, Batteries, Inverters
  • DC & AC Cables
  • E1 Converters
  • Consumables (Breakers, Connectors etc.)